Thimbles by TJ Lane Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I figure out my thimble size?

A: We’ve made a handy video: Send your pictures and measurements to or through the Contact Page on our website. The reason we’d like you to do it this way is because the sizes across thimble styles are not consistent. For example, a size 3 in a Lacy Heart thimble will fit differently than a size 3 in our Dragonfly style thimble due to a number of variables. 

Q: What if my thimble doesn't fit?

A: Someone may give you one of our thimbles as a gift or perhaps your finger size changed over the years. No worries! Watch this video:

Then message us with pictures of your finger and wearing the thimble and send your thimble back to us at: 

Thimbles by TJ Lane 

Attn. Jenny

PO Box 2140

Fairfield, IA 52556

We'll adjust your thimble or send one that fits. Please include $10 to cover return shipping. 

Q: What if I develop a hole in my thimble?

A: Since the steel of your needle is harder than sterling silver, thimbles can sometimes develop holes with frequent use. In the case that your thimble develops a hole, simply send it back to Thimbles by TJ Lane, PO Box 2140, Fairfield, IA 52556 with $10 to cover return shipping. We will either send you a new thimble exactly like yours, or we will repair your thimble and mail it back to you. 

Q: Can I have a thimble modified, such as a recessed top (quilting ridge) or a gemstone added if the thimble doesn’t already come with one?

A: Yes. Modifications start at $20 each and the cost varies on a case by case basis.

 Q: Can I have an item made in gold?

A: Yes. The cost of having an item made is gold is approximately 10 times the price of the cost in silver and varies with the cost of gold on the precious metals market. 

Q: Can you set a gemstone that I already own in one of your items?

A: Yes, but it depends on a variable number of factors. Feel free to message us and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: Can I try a few thimbles by mail before I chose the right one? 

A: Yes! We can send you up to five thimbles for you to try in different styles and sizes. Simply choose style/s you want to keep and send the rest back to us in a week. We’ll charge your card for one thimble plus shipping and insurance before shipment and charge you for any additional items you decided to keep when we receive your return package. 

Q: Can I have a thimble or piece of jewelry custom designed just for me?

A: Yes! If you would like the design to be an exclusive, one-of-a-kind design, there is a design fee of $500. If you allow us to add the item to our product line to offer all of our customers, you simply pay just the regular price of your item. 

Q: How do I reload a Beeswax Keeper?

A: We made this video to show you how!

Q: What is a chatelaine?

A: Watch this video to find out: